maybe i was wrong.

maybe my love for you isn’t as strong as i portrayed it to be.
maybe it was the inability to stop acting from within.
once i found your love was lost,
i committed-what i feel to be-a painful sin.
in means to get you back i used
words that i thought could cure us
its only when things you love are lost
you become someone dangerous.
you beg and plead to change the mind
of someone you thought you’d love forever,
but when you told me you wanted to leave
my tears shed for the better
i was happy yet sad cause i felt the same way,
but my sadness took over my heart,
and some of the love i lost restored,
and i begged us not to fall apart.
but maybe my love wasn’t as strong as i proclaimed it to be.
maybe all i need is to be alone too.
become a better me,
let you become a better you.
but i did love you.
and i do love you.
and you did love me,
and part of me still longs it to be endlessly.
maybe one day,
or perhaps maybe not.
like i said maybe i don’t love you
as much as i thought.

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