we’re our own war.


i no longer understand
what any of our flags mean
they say they stand for freedom
but freedom’s failing to stand it seems
the world itself is out of hand
our walls are closing in
theres shootings almost everyday
in places i’ve never been.
i read about it in the hashtags
that people post on twitter
theres so much anger in their words
the tone they use is bitter.
there’s so much going on right now
with elections and such violence
innocent lives are being lost
and we’ll soon be led by tyrants.
i do not have opinions
for my voice is never heard
but why do people have to die
what happened to using words?
theres plenty of other colors
but theres war between just 2
its been going on for decades now
but more lately making news.
im neutral i don’t have a side
but the reality is when both colors collide
theres just no stopping, they can’t abide
we’re monsters even on the outside.
freedom is what we’re fighting for
but its us against ourselves,
we’re our own war.

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