attend to my needs.

i need balance in my life
not more of one thing or the other
and i need my big sister to talk to
and protection from my older brother

i need to lay upon the grass
and figure out whats irking me
i need to pursue an occupation
and figure out who i want to be

i need to care less about society
and its idea of perfection
i need to focus on my own notion
look past the limits of my own perception

i need to seek some guidance
from those who’ve already lived
i need to gain their wisdom
and follow the same steps to do what they did

i need to leave my home town
because its benefits are little to none
i need to control my destiny
for my life has just begun

i need to make a list of things
so that not only i but others too can see
the many opportunities
that’ll help me attend to my vary needs

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