Rest In Peace

I feel most comfortable when I’m sad
Because to some extent, it’s peaceful
Staring blankly into space
Consumed by nothing short of emptiness
Lacking appetite
Losing hope
Surrounded by complete and utter silence
Just the way I like it

And sure they say sadness is temporary
But happiness is too
Sadness just signs a bigger lease to the vacancies in my heart
It just sits there
Tells me to preserve the energy smiling selfishly takes
And I listen
Because I’m numb
Drowning in thoughts that are no good for me

What’s good for me?
I Google searched “remedies”
And decided that another day in bed should do the trick
Where’s that light switch?
It’s too bright in here
Don’t you know LED’s are not welcome?
And while you’re at it, shut the blinds too
Because neither is the sun
Let darkness find shelter within you
And leave a spare key under the rug for when
Depression is tired of leasing
Tired of beating around the bush
We all know it wants to own the joint
So why not just let it?

Sadness does the talking for me nowadays
Tells me not to waste my breath on sound nobody hears
And with my face stained with dried tears
Sadness says I’m prettier that way
Lectures on about how self-love is important
That I should find beauty in sadness
Because sadness
is beautiful

And convinced, I give depression the keys.

So that finally,

I may Rest In Peace.

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