Conflicted, lost, but trying.

Sometimes I don't understand why I always try to do things the right way. Especially when they don't feel right to me. But I like to think it's because I want to make other people happy. To me, the right way is their way. Never my way. Because my right is wrong. And my wrong… Continue reading Conflicted, lost, but trying.


Day 255 of 365

This month I feel different. I feel older; my mindset's changing. I don't think the same anymore, talk the same, walk the same, live and breathe the same. I'm beginning to feel the absence of my childhood because I don't want to play anymore. I want to work, I want to contribute, and I want… Continue reading Day 255 of 365


contaminated love.

“What are you so afraid of?” he asked me. “I’m afraid of myself. Of not knowing what I’m feeling.” “What do you mean by that?” "I could either be in love and not know it; leave you for it and realize later I made a mistake.”   “Or?”   “Think I’m in love and not… Continue reading contaminated love.


2 seconds on the clock.

the man was gay and dead the green light had just turned red people just stared as he bled “its california, victims sue.” the bystander said and its true that they do what the bystander said my mother and i had just walked the path with 2 more seconds to spare as soon as we… Continue reading 2 seconds on the clock.