hang up the phone before it gets too heated before you say something you mean but weren't ready to mean it weren't ready to make it official to officialize the thoughts in your head your head is aching from words left unsaid unsaid as in you wanted him to say it but he didn't and… Continue reading 11:48pm


touch my skin and let me breathe again.

I was drowning before I met you. Submerging into the depths of my despair. And despite your love, I stayed there. Counting the seconds until I could no longer hold my breath And you tell me to breathe But it's harder than it seems. I take one look into the mirror And let my wild… Continue reading touch my skin and let me breathe again.


dead end depression—a messy poem

Constantly trying to escape To places, to people Without reason Without cause Without purpose There's no way out because there wasn't suppose to be a way in Four corners two closing in Look both ways before you cross ceaseless traffic Pray to God you make it over safely. Pray to God you make it. Pray… Continue reading dead end depression—a messy poem


Sobered thoughts.

It’s nights like these where I wonder most what alcohol tastes like. That if I ran now, could I make it? Nights where I don’t care to wonder if tomorrow will come. Only wonder if I’d be better off if it didn’t. And I think to myself, it’s not fair to him. After all he’s… Continue reading Sobered thoughts.

2018, Gallimaufry

Gone, Gone, Gone.

I do I do this a thousand times I never fail to make you cry I don't know why I'm sorry But you always forgive somehow I never fail to let you down I'm breathing while You're drowning I know you want this to work But darling you are aching So let us stop pretending… Continue reading Gone, Gone, Gone.


Day 278 of 365

And all of a sudden, September A.K.A the Wicked Witch of the East was killed by none other than the beautiful month of October. FINALLY!! Mark my words, I will be celebrating the ending of September for the rest of the year. Why you ask? BECAUSE IT WAS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. I've had ups and downs… Continue reading Day 278 of 365