hang up the phone before it gets too heated before you say something you mean but weren't ready to mean it weren't ready to make it official to officialize the thoughts in your head your head is aching from words left unsaid unsaid as in you wanted him to say it but he didn't and… Continue reading 11:48pm

Dear Jehovah,

Dear Jehovah,

Guide me to him; pave me a route to follow where he ends up at the end of it. A yellow brick road through the woods, a sleepy meadow, and a wicked castle where I'll fight for my life just to make it home. Because there's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home. Close my eyes and click my heels three times and when I open them, let him be there. Jehovah, let him be my home.


Seven-day recall.

Monday.I went to Disneyland with my family and you started school. I can only imagine what you must be feeling right now. Excitement, fear, anxiety, doubt. But I'll have you know there's not an ounce of doubt in my body. You are going to do great things and I support you. A thousand times over.Have… Continue reading Seven-day recall.


Day 306 of 365

Greetings to everyone and to November, Happy New Year!! I think it's absolutely amazing that the year is never old because it is constantly being reintroduced to new months as we go! All my worries of October will not affect me as I embrace the light of day of beautiful November. Many things are happening… Continue reading Day 306 of 365


it used to be you.

I’m surprised how quickly I became infatuated with a stranger I barely knew. And maybe it was because he was the first boy I saw that wasn’t you or was just someone so new; I cannot tell you specifically, I can only say how he made me feel. And I know the sky is mainly… Continue reading it used to be you.

For him.

i asked Him.

I asked God to give me a sign. And He told me to look not at your past but instead at mine. At how the kind of person I was then is not who I am now, That over time the person inside me changed in ways I began to allow. And He said it… Continue reading i asked Him.

To Him.

1:07 am

I shouldn’t be up this late, but I need you. I need your eyes; I need to know what they see. I need to know whether you see a future without me. I know you need space, So I’m keeping my distance, But the feeling that we’re breaking, Has come into existence. I can't help… Continue reading 1:07 am