Dear Jehovah,

Dear Jehovah,

I feel hopeless.  Mama says love’s supposed to be easy, but for me loving never felt so hard. And Papa says it’s a tricky thing; that you could be with the person you want to be with, but not the person you should be with. Jehovah I’m troubled by this because I’m having the hardest… Continue reading Dear Jehovah,


Day 205 of 365

What? June's already over?? JU----LYING!!! (Yes I know I'm late...bear with me.) Wow, where to start? I've already done so much; I've traveled, written music, and procrastinated over school, what more is there to say? I'm happy. I'm so undeniably happy and I never get tired of saying that. This year has been something absolutely wonderful. I… Continue reading Day 205 of 365

2018, Gallimaufry

For Him.

I’m just waiting for the day when he tells me, “I don’t want you anymore.” I expect it by now, how could I ever be this happy and it be real? I’m fooling myself, I could never be this happy, could I? But I love him. I loved him the day I met him because… Continue reading For Him.


leave me before i get too close.

The beast is real. And it manipulates the way we feel. Instead of looking for the good in people, we look for the bad and find ourselves loving them anyway. Because we're under the impression that if you don't have a story, you're not a victim to pain. As if those who get wet when it… Continue reading leave me before i get too close.

For him.

Trailing back to you.

They told me distance makes the heart grow fonder but how could a love so strong grow stronger under the circumstances of being away? I've wept for a love that in distance lost its way. I refused to believe what they told me was true but I was naive to think I'd lose love in you when really it's just… Continue reading Trailing back to you.


the perfect mistake.

There are two hopeless romantics sitting in a restaurant. Neither choose a booth but instead a table, wide open to see all the couples and families sitting together around them. Though alone, they don't feel alone. They can hear conversations coming from everywhere and though silent, the room was racing with volume. The two hopeless romantics are seated… Continue reading the perfect mistake.