B.K Laurel

As it says in my tagline: I’m just a writer writing about love because that’s what all the cool kids are falling into these days. However, the type of love I write about is based more on the likeliness of modern day heartbreak. I originally started this blog as an outlet for therapy. I believe writing soothes the mind and allows us to express our feelings, which is exactly what I do here — but in the form of poetry and spoken word pieces. I began writing in 2016 and I like to think the content I put out is relatable and hard-hitting since there’s nothing new under the sun. You’ll come to find I struggle a lot but without struggles, there is no growth, and believe me, I am growing.

Slowly, I am working towards publishing my own works. Gallimaufry (one of the categories here on my blog) is one of them. I’m also in the process of writing, “war & peace”, “where two hearts unify as one”, & “i sold my heart to buy yours”.

Until then, feel free to linger around and read a few of my pieces; if you like what you see, be sure to hit the follow button at the bottom of my page to keep up with my posts and like & comment as you wish!

Other than that, thank you for reading my About Me page!

I’ll be seeing you,
B.K. Laurel