Sobered thoughts.

It’s nights like these where I wonder most what alcohol tastes like. That if I ran now, could I make it? Nights where I don’t care to wonder if tomorrow will come. Only wonder if I’d be better off if it didn’t. And I think to myself, it’s not fair to him. After all he’s… Continue reading Sobered thoughts.


please leave a message after the beep.

3:07am Hey, I’m sorry if this is a bad time, but I’ve been feeling lonely lately and I just wanted to know how you were doing. Call back when you can, All right, bye. 4:27am Hey, it’s me, again. Sorry, I’m calling, it’s just that I’m feeling weaker by the hour and I don’t know… Continue reading please leave a message after the beep.


but my dear, you have such beautiful eyes, why keep them closed?

all you see is me standing in the doorway not the two hour drive it took me to get there or the change i spent hours rummaging through couches for just to find enough to get gas or the two hour drive im going to have to make to get home no you dont see… Continue reading but my dear, you have such beautiful eyes, why keep them closed?


silent and still—a messy poem

Seated in the car Too anxious to go inside Wondering how still I can be To slow my heart down I listen in the darkness of night Streets fully vacant I wait there patiently Sound escaping me My limbs lie dormant Heart rate's stooping low I just sit there Hoping "I'm failing." I tell him.… Continue reading silent and still—a messy poem



I try and I try (cause I’m) Hoping one day you’ll see (that I) Could care less of the fame Or money (So) When you open your eyes (darlin’) I’ll be standing right here (holdin’) Onto all of the love I have To share But if you You no longer want to try I won’t… Continue reading Stay


hoping—a messy poem

she sits there hoping heart in one hand soul in the other waiting for the day where it gets easier where there's no more tears no more heartache and no more hunger for a better life she sits there praying that it's closer than she thinks looking beyond the horizon sun slowly sinking into the… Continue reading hoping—a messy poem


dead end depression—a messy poem

Constantly trying to escape To places, to people Without reason Without cause Without purpose There's no way out because there wasn't suppose to be a way in Four corners two closing in Look both ways before you cross ceaseless traffic Pray to God you make it over safely. Pray to God you make it. Pray… Continue reading dead end depression—a messy poem


life is a highway—a messy poem

Pushing 80 on the freeway With all the windows down Blasting The Chainsmokers through the auxiliary chord Hoping it drowns out the sound in my head The silence I feel empty. He says I take things to the extreme That I get defensive --I get mean And most times I only prove him right by… Continue reading life is a highway—a messy poem