mother’s breath.

Like a flower, you bloom; small, but strong - one kick and my world changes - one breath and we become one // you exist, and I begin again - a newfound seed buried in the soil that is your garden Grow baby, grow One day, you will have a field to sleep in where … Continue reading mother’s breath.



To 2019, You were the sun and the storm combined Clouded by thoughts that don't stand a second chance You were beautiful all along You learned how to rockclimb because there was no other way around the boulders You lifted spirits heavier than the weights at the gym But that's okay, because you still went … Continue reading 2019.


Life goes on. A circling theme, indeed. Applies to everything yet amounts to nothing in the grander scheme of things. Because one day, no one will be around to notice. And in that moment, life will just be — life. Won’t that be peaceful.