To 2019, You were the sun and the storm combined Clouded by thoughts that don't stand a second chance You were beautiful all along You learned how to rockclimb because there was no other way around the boulders You lifted spirits heavier than the weights at the gym But that's okay, because you still went … Continue reading 2019.

don’t blink.

There are a lot of moments in life where you feel they slip away from you as soon as they come—like you’re watching in third person and you can scream all you want, but they can’t hear you; you go to reach but you miss because they’re just as untouchable as you are.

the road map to your greatest potential—a messy poem.

And I think—you know—when you believe in something, like really believe in something, there’s no way that belief will fail you because you’re manifesting it out of thin air. You’re breathing life into it—giving it oxygen and a heartbeat to live as freely as you desire. Your thoughts are your new pair of lungs; be … Continue reading the road map to your greatest potential—a messy poem.