to love and be loved.

I gave a part of my life to you and in exchange, you gave me part of yours. And I savored every second, minute, and hour of it knowing one day I’d no longer be able to give you the life you were always meant to live. And that’s the thing about love, you can find it anywhere but it never sticks around long enough for you to believe it’s everlasting. But the truth​ is, I don’t need you in my life anymore for me to believe now that it is.
Because I love you.
And I will love you always.
From a distance; across the sea. Wherever life may​ take you, you will always be loved by me. For you have shown me what it feels​ like to be loved and being a visual learner, I could not only feel it ​but reciprocate it too.
So I love just as I am loved by you.
And though it is true that our lives are heading in two separate directions, you will always hold this part of my life that I so willingly gave to you. A part of my life I couldn’t imagine giving to ​someone else nor would I ever want to.
It is yours and yours alone, my Zahir.
Yours and yours alone.

Be loving you.​


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