finding home.

Humans were made for love; it consumes us. It drives us, motivates us, dictates us, manipulates us. It is the synonym for gravitational pull — it pulls us without our control. Love is a craving so strong we cannot live without satisfying; we need it. It is in our nature to believe there is someone … Continue reading finding home.

my preface.

I walk in the path of the sun; it guides me. A new day begins and there is hope in my heart. The past is fleeting; like the wind, it leaves me behind. And for a moment, I break. Brace my heart for impact — I’m alone, once again. Floating away from the sea of … Continue reading my preface.


Life goes on. A circling theme, indeed. Applies to everything yet amounts to nothing in the grander scheme of things. Because one day, no one will be around to notice. And in that moment, life will just be — life. Won’t that be peaceful.

happy new year.

I think you have the most wisdom in your saddest moments. Because all of a sudden, you see the truth. The grass isn’t always greener on the side you water, sometimes it’s the grass you don’t water that leads you to where you were meant to be all along.