12:02 pm.

Lamentations 3:17 English Standard Version (ESV)



In the beginning there was love And then love became all things It became the warmth of summer The orange leaves in the fall The first fire of winter And in spring, the first bird call I remember it like it was yesterday The moment when love first consumed me First consumed love on the… Continue reading You.



hang up the phone before it gets too heated before you say something you mean but weren't ready to mean it weren't ready to make it official to officialize the thoughts in your head your head is aching from words left unsaid unsaid as in you wanted him to say it but he didn't and… Continue reading 11:48pm


a happy poem

and i think im not much of a writer when im happy because although i could write about how your complexion glistens in the moonlight or how your eyes say i love you without words or when your lips coat mine, i get a sugar rush of sweetness i think theres a certain beauty to… Continue reading a happy poem


i love you—a messy poem

Relationships don't have rest days Say I love you Ask them how they're doing Take them to dinner Rub their feet Scratch their head Whisper dirty secrets Indulge in guilty pleasures Like Fortnite on a school night Or Netflix on a Tuesday Call her beautiful Call him handsome Call her Call him Say good morning… Continue reading i love you—a messy poem



and finally i understand after two years worth of living why you left i called you selfish called you crude called you names i always refused to say out loud but i understand now i understand you left me when i needed you most because what i needed from you most was to be let… Continue reading closure.


touch my skin and let me breathe again.

I was drowning before I met you. Submerging into the depths of my despair. And despite your love, I stayed there. Counting the seconds until I could no longer hold my breath And you tell me to breathe But it's harder than it seems. I take one look into the mirror And let my wild… Continue reading touch my skin and let me breathe again.