Day 278 of 365

And all of a sudden, September A.K.A the Wicked Witch of the East was killed by none other than the beautiful month of October.


Mark my words, I will be celebrating the ending of September for the rest of the year. Why you ask? BECAUSE IT WAS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE.

I’ve had ups and downs this year, but I never thought 2018 was ruined because of it, until September hit and everything, and I mean everything, went downhill and for a whole month I was completely miserable.

I would go into detail about what happened but I already tried in a previous draft and somehow the whole post got deleted…


(If you’ve never seen The Fairly Odd Parents, 1. shame on you but 2. Dinkleberg’s just the guy that gets blamed for everything)

It’s probably for the best, no one likes a debby-downer anyway. Let’s just agree that September was the ferocious beast under the bed we all complained about when we were younger.

To October,

Please give me lungs to breathe again. Eyes to see again. Ears to hear again. And a voice to speak again. Help me find a reason to get out of bed tomorrow.

Please, would you be so kind?

Yours truly,

Be seeing you. xX


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