Day 300 of 365

We tend to meet people in the process of their own growth. They’re growing, they’re learning, they’re doing. Who are we to judge them in their time of trial and error? They’re not always going to do things the right way, but they’re not always going to do things the wrong way either. It’s up to us to decide whether or not we want to stick around to see them through it. After all, wouldn’t we want them to do the same? I mean, I sure would.

So here I stand, embracing the positive connotation of change. On my end, on his end, on her end, on their end, till THE end.

Because that is how we progress.

We will never be who we were when we first started. That’s the way of life. Time passes, people change, and that’s okay. You keep going. You keep growing, you keep learning, and you keep doing because by the end of it all, when we cease to exist, we will have lived a fulfilling life.

Practicing the art of patience, empathy, love, and kindness; all things that usually come with a cost but you so willingly gave for free because you are greater than you tend to believe you are. Because you chose to help others see it through and in return they were there for you.

And most importantly, let them be there. Let them be apart of your growth. Let them be a part of your process. Your trial and error. Grow together, learn together, and do together because everyday that you allow yourself to grow, you became a part of the progression that lives on even when you don’t.


One thought on “Day 300 of 365

  1. This really opened my eyes so much. This year isn’t over yet and I’ve already regretted so much. I pushed people away that I cared about so much and yet here I am reading this and living through my own trial and error. I chose to do this alone and I regret that I am.

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