finding home.

Humans were made for love; it consumes us. It drives us, motivates us, dictates us, manipulates us. It is the synonym for gravitational pull — it pulls us without our control. Love is a craving so strong we cannot live without satisfying; we need it. It is in our nature to believe there is someone out there who is made for us, who has prayed for us, who will stay for us. Someone we are desperate to find, and we will find them, someday, one way or another; we will find them. We will search in every nook, cranny, crease; we will unconsciously make eye contact with every being we come in proximity with in every place that we go. We will be searching, desperately, for the person we call home. We want to come home. Home is the place where body and arms meet, where skin meets skin and fingers intertwine. It is warm and embracing; a sacred place where two souls can collide forever. Such unity we seek, such romance. The length we will go to find our perfect match stretches far outside the natural boundaries of meeting. We participate in speed-dating, dating apps, social media; we go to bars and hold “singles only” parties; we volunteer for blind dates and set ups; anything and everything as a means to find, “You.” A euphoric word used to describe a euphoric person. You. The synonym for love and the center of our universe.


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