if you could do life over, would you?

If I could go back and do life over, I wouldn’t. I’ve heard that answer my whole life. Every person I’ve ever asked that question to has always said “I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t go back.” And I didn’t understand it until now. Each person, no matter the circumstances, even with all the regrets and shortcomings … Continue reading if you could do life over, would you?


When I think about the wind, I think about the knots in my hair your fingers get tangled in, and the laugh you make when trying to break free when you do not realize secretly I’m betting against your dexterity in detangling I don’t want to break free from you — rather — want to … Continue reading emphasis.

don’t blink.

There are a lot of moments in life where you feel they slip away from you as soon as they come—like you’re watching in third person and you can scream all you want, but they can’t hear you; you go to reach but you miss because they’re just as untouchable as you are.