what is love if it’s not genuine?

His favorite artist became his second when he met me, and I hope for my own benefit that he still thinks of me that way even though we are long past meeting. And long past loving. Separation and time really makes you wonder what parts of the relationship was truly genuine and which parts were… Continue reading what is love if it’s not genuine?


leave me before i get too close.

The beast is real. And it manipulates the way we feel. Instead of looking for the good in people, we look for the bad and find ourselves loving them anyway. Because we're under the impression that if you don't have a story, you're not a victim to pain. As if those who get wet when it… Continue reading leave me before i get too close.


it used to be you.

I'm surprised how quickly I became infatuated with a stranger I barely knew. And maybe it was because he was the first boy I saw that wasn't you or if he was just someone so new; I cannot tell you specifically, I can only say how he made me feel. And I know the sky… Continue reading it used to be you.

For him.

i asked Him.

I asked God to give me a sign. And He told me to look not at your past but instead at mine. At how the kind of person I was then is not who I am now, That over time the person inside me changed in ways I began to allow. And He said it… Continue reading i asked Him.

To Him.

1:07 am

I shouldn’t be up this late, but I need You. I need Your eyes; I need to know what they see. I need to know whether You see a future with or without me. I know I’m giving You space, And yes I’m keeping my distance, But the feeling that we’re breaking, Has come into… Continue reading 1:07 am


to my best friend.

And before I knew it, I loved you. I loved you because you had filled in all my empty spaces, helped me out of my awkward stages, and gave me a life I never would’ve lived otherwise. I loved you because you refused to tell me lies, helped me with the guys, and never said… Continue reading to my best friend.

For him., To Him.

“What’s Love Like?”

A mountain represents the fountain of immortality. Sure they age but they’re always there. And finding a love like that, is rare. But is it possible to say that love is like a mountain? Since it has its up and downs? because love’s like walking through meadows without seeing the random pit falls on the… Continue reading “What’s Love Like?”