To 2019,

You were the sun
and the storm

Clouded by thoughts
that don’t stand a second chance

You were beautiful
all along

You learned how to rockclimb
because there was no other way around
the boulders

You lifted spirits heavier than the weights at the gym

But that’s okay,
because you still went to the gym

You broke bread for the first time in
your life with the intention of
filling your belly

Your belly
is so full

Of love and laughter and the concept of God
you searched for faith and it found you

You are the sun when it sets
but when it rises, you are reborn

So rain on me as you turn 20
Let’s talk faith and love, no need for money

Just drown me in new beginnings
Feed my soul with His Word
and let my chaser be a prayer

Keep me leveled; don’t let gravity let me fall

But if I must fall
let it be because you had to push me

Give me the strength to stand
The strength to overcome the fear you breathe into my lungs

Let your light coat my skin
Let me bathe in your warmth
Dip my head under and as I come up

I’m baptized

You are the sun
and as you fall below the horizon, you arrive…



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