throughout life you can never stick to just one.
theres pescetarian, vegetarian, people choose from a ton.
there are so many options but some never help,
so we go through our lives trying to squeeze one more hole through our belt.

we stash all the buttons
thats popped from our trousers,
and drive to the gym
where we’ll spend all our hours.

but if we don’t see a change
in the first two or three days,
we lose all our hope
and resort back to old ways.

it only lasts for so long
before we fall into depression,
because we want to find love
but our bodies leave the impression.

that we can’t take good care
of what we need to the most,
which creates insecurities
we later expose.

and who wants to take us on?
knowing how we’re troublesome.
if we can’t love ourselves,
how else will someone?

dont alter your eating,
just balance your motion.
eat as much as you’ll run,
it’ll cause less commotion.

in your head, in your mind
and what you see in the mirror
is nothing but beauty
you just need to see clearer

i was wrong when i said
to find love you have to look a certain way.
its just looks get them interested,
but your personality makes them stay.


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