our sun is another planets’ star
its hard to believe how far other galaxies are
with science we only believe what our eyes can see
and saying there could be life outside the milky way is deceiving me

if you asked me, no i havent done research
i just never thought we were so small
only as small as i’d see up in airplanes
but now that we’re smaller, theres more to be explained

space is a place where traveling takes years
it takes 248.4 to pluto and its weather is fierce
theres so many planets we’ve never stepped foot on
and its because of its contents we weigh the pros and cons

and some we never will, but we’ll never stop learning
our pencils keep writing, the planets keep turning
i read in a book the sun’s dying slowly
its half way burnt out and soon earth too will be lonely

it’ll be rid of its humans
its life given creatures
and no one will be left
to appreciate its features

i just stand incredulous
to believe such an ending
that we’re heading into oblivion
that earths demise is slowly pending

and that in another galaxy
we are nothing of what we think we are
because our one and only sun here
to them is just another star.


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