They warned me of this sickness
That breaks you from within
“Your eye sight will go blurry
Your head will ache and spin”
-They called it love.

I took a walk one morning
And tripped into your arms
You said, “hello there clumsy”
Blinding me with charm
-What is love?

You asked me for my number
I used my lucky pen
You said you’d call me later
If only I knew when
-Could this be love?

You called about an hour later
And I was there to answer
We wined and dined; you tipped the waiter
You spread through me like cancer
-This is love.

You took me out to see the world
And asked for one small thing
To show you love without my clothes
While offering a ring
-I showed him love.

I gave myself to you that night
But woke up all alone
How could I lose the only pair
Of arms that felt like home
-My eye sight’s blurry.

Your number’s disconnected
But my love will never cease
And now our daughter’s come of age
To know of this disease
-The disease of love.


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