after everything.

I surmise thats just “your thing”
to presuppose, yet never know
that it’s not exactly what you think
my feelings, like clothes, have the ability shrink

You think of me when you’re lonely
now that is an accusation
but isn’t it at night when you feel lonely?
could the dark setting be the causation?

You seem to go by labels
by labeling me as your “friend
but who thinks of friends in the late PM?
could your feelings too have yet to end?

I feel you’re inconsiderate
and like you said, “inadequate
I surmise thats just “your trait”
over exaggerating in a mean to sate

Your words to me are that of thunder
and I hate to write this but you’ve made a blunder
if you would just stop portraying me as weak
in your writing then perhaps again we’ll speak

But for now the ball’s in your court
and I for one am on defense
don’t throw away your shot young man
but until then, here’s my two cents.

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