curiosity killed the cat; by accident.

The other day, I hit a car, or the car hit me, I still haven’t decided yet. Thankfully, I’m still alive and breathing and my BMW runs fine, but at what cost?

In repairs, I’ll probably have to spend around five hundred dollars to fix my old reliable, but depending on whose fault it was, I could potentially have to spend more.

Now I’m not writing this to blast to the world my car accident because frankly, it’s nothing to be proud of, but it’s got me thinking about the cost and value of things.

And to put it into perspective, the car I collided with was new. She got it a week ago.

Yes, a week ago.

So, imagine spending all this money on a brand new car and crashing it into someone a week later. Inconceivable. I’m surprised she didn’t cry or even yell at me for that matter! But maybe that’s because deep down inside, she knows she was half the blunder. Not trying to point fingers, but she came out of nowhere.

They always do.

But what is the point much less the value in buying an expensive car if the cost to repair it is only just as high? I mean, I know business people want to be business-like in a brand new Cadillac or Audi, but what happens when you do a naughty like I don’t know let’s say acting like you’re going to turn right-WITH YOUR SIGNAL ON AND EVERYTHING-but decide to go straight last minute while I’m-I mean, someone else is making a right. I know people like teases here and there, but definitely not that kind.

So you buy the expensive car as a gift to youself because you’re young and let’s be honest, why not?!

And then you crash it,

into me.

I knew I should have forwarded that email to 10 people when I had the chance!

But wait! Hallelujuah! Turns out the odds are in my favor and it ends up being your fault, so I can just sit back and watch old reliable be reliable again. But now, not only do you have to fix my car, but you still have to make the payments on your car, fix it, and pray to God you didn’t just screw up your insurance rate.

And so, my only question now is, was the cost worth it?

Does the value change?

Well, I mean, in its entirety, if it does end up being my fault, I dont think I’ll hear an inch of ragret in her voice. And no, not even a letter. But say it is her fault, or when the time comes, your fault,

does it change the value or is it still worth it enough to you to do and buy the things that you do?

I’m just wondering.



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