curiosity killed the cat; by accident.

The other day, I hit a car, or the car hit me, I still haven't decided yet. Thankfully, I'm still alive and breathing and my BMW runs fine, but at what cost? In repairs, I'll probably have to spend around five hundred dollars to fix my old reliable, but depending on whose fault it was,… Continue reading curiosity killed the cat; by accident.


penny for your thoughts.

I have two questions for you, but first, a third to ask that you take them seriously. Okay, students, let's begin. Imagine you're sitting in a café and out of nowhere, for no specific reason, someone random walks up to you and asks that you tell them something. Anything; about yourself. What part of you… Continue reading penny for your thoughts.


the perfect mistake.

There are two hopeless romantics sitting in a restaurant. Neither choose a booth but instead a table, wide open to see all the couples and families sitting together around them. Though alone, they don't feel alone. They can hear conversations coming from everywhere and though silent, the room was racing with volume. The two hopeless romantics are seated… Continue reading the perfect mistake.

life, stories

A New Era

Time. When you keep track of it, you slow it down, but if you don't, you let it off its leash and it moves on without you knowing. Why would you let it move on without you knowing where it's going? That's why you keep track, why you keep a stack of documents that say what… Continue reading A New Era