in this world.

He was my supplement of the sun when my sun no longer shined.
My overview of the world when my eyes became blind.
He was my inner sweetest, most deepest desires.
But also the match that sparked my internal fires.
I did not realize
I was flammable
Until I suffered third degree burns
God, when will I learn that I stand alone in this world?
For people are cold to the bone in this world;
My heart has been thrown around in this world,
Crushed into pieces; spread amongst the ground in this world.
And I make no sound in this world because no one

Is beside me.

I am drowning in an oil-filled ocean set aflame
And no one chooses to call out my name in means to search
And find me
Instead, they confine me to this burning sea.
This society treats me
As something.
Not someone.

But he.

He made life fun.
Gave me love when I had none.
Showed me things I had never seen
Nor done.
I ask myself now, “does it even matter?”
For my heart is shattered and my lungs have collapsed
All because he said, “I don’t love you anymore.”
As if loving me became a chore.
I just hate how he took my smile away.
Made me not care whether it was night or day.
Stole my voice leaving me without words to say


am broken.

And not in terms of emotion, but rather
Like an object.

Who am I?
No, what am I?

In this world.


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