To Him.

if you’re a flower, i’m a flower too

i once got a tattoo of a flower on my ankle because my ankle's close to the ground and thats where flowers grow and in a way it reminds me of you how you stem from your roots in the same way flowers do how you were just a seedling and before you knew it,… Continue reading if you’re a flower, i’m a flower too

To Him.

1:07 am

I shouldn’t be up this late, but I need You. I need Your eyes; I need to know what they see. I need to know whether You see a future with or without me. I know I’m giving You space, And yes I’m keeping my distance, But the feeling that we’re breaking, Has come into… Continue reading 1:07 am

To Him.

in search of a remedy.

I find myself gasping for air over feelings I cannot control. Tears stream down my face; I wipe them away so they leave no trace, but I cannot replace my sadness with a smile. For the pain I feel is just too vile. We are on opposite ends of the states and cling to two… Continue reading in search of a remedy.

For him., To Him.

“What’s Love Like?”

A mountain represents the fountain of immortality. Sure they age but they’re always there. And finding a love like that, is rare. But is it possible to say that love is like a mountain? Since it has its up and downs? because love’s like walking through meadows without seeing the random pit falls on the… Continue reading “What’s Love Like?”