in search of a remedy.

I find myself gasping for air over feelings I cannot control.
Tears stream down my face; I wipe them away so they leave no trace,
but I cannot replace my sadness with a smile.

For the pain I feel is just too vile.

We are on opposite ends of the states and cling to two different time zones. I know sticks and stones can break my bones but that’s what casts are for; to fix them.

But what about the pain my heart feels and the people that choose to break it? And what about the pain this distance brings and the unsupported solution to fix it? I’d go to you in the snap of fingers if given the chance; no second glance, but the truth is my mother’s right. I have no business there, but who can compare to you and the love we share? You give life meaning and since distance is intervening, my only desire is to follow you to the ends of the Earth and perhaps I will someday.

I just cannot bear to be so far away.

But you’re too far out of my reach.


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