1:07 am

I shouldn’t be up this late, but I need you.
I need your eyes; I need to know what they see.
I need to know whether you see a future without me.

I know you need space,
So I’m keeping my distance,
But the feeling that we’re breaking,
Has come into existence.

I can’t help but to love you,
I tell you every night,
But with the way things are going,
Something just doesn’t feel right.

What more can I say?
For your ears to hear me?
I’m losing my mind,
Over words I’m not hearing.

So let the red dot blink,
And let the camera record,
Let Your voice speak Your heart,
Before silence cuts the cord.

For I need this more than You do,
And after everything we’ve been through,
Do we really need a round 2?
Does my future not include You?

Or does Yours not include me?
I need Your eyes; I need to know what they see.
Is this the end?
Or just another hyperbole?
I need some reassurance, please, reassure me.


Are You still there?​



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