my keyhole to the future.

If I lived in an apartment, I would want there to be at least three rooms. One of which I’d make my bedroom, the other my workspace and the last room a guest room. My bedroom would have a long and wide shelf for all my books and classics and a nightstand by my queen bed. There would be a turntable playing instrumental music and a tv that would hardly ever be on unless to watch the news, a dresser if not a closet for all my clothes, and a miniature bed for the pet pug I would have. My workspace would include a matte white desk for my writing and a piano for my composing, maybe even a set of paint nearby and a canvas stand in the corner for when I’m feeling creative. My guest room would be similar to my own bedroom because perhaps my guest(s) would like to get a good read in before bed too or see if our country’s gone mad or if it’s won all wars.

I would use as little electricity as far as light goes as possible. When it starts to get dark, I would light the many candles I will have placed around the whole apartment. I would eat out as little as possible and keep myself busy so I wouldn’t be eating all the time anyway. I would make home-made breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. in the mornings, i would go on a run before I’d go to piano lessons (either as the teacher or the student) or a morning class for sight-reading or film class. In the afternoon, I would make tea and write my books and compose music or go to an actors workshop or special effects class, maybe even film with friends as a project for film class. In the evenings, I would go to dance lessons or spinning class or maybe an evening class on dialect or english. Lastly, before bed, I would unclothe and wash my face before picking out a book to read, whether it’s a classic or a favorite of mine by Khaled Hosseini or Jhumpa Lahiri, all while listening to the news.

Somedays instead of those things, I might just go to the beach to sit and watch the waves, read a book in-between naps; I might just go to a cafe and drink coffee with a gentleman who had asked me on a date the day before, maybe after go on an evening stroll; I might just skip my spinning class and go to a live basketball game, maybe even play my own 2 on 2 game with friends; I might just go to two poetry seminars instead of one; I might just go and visit Mama and Papa; I might just take a three day weekend to go see my sisters-a week if we’re no longer local-and see how they’re doing; I might just go hiking or purchase a ticket for an orchestra concert, maybe even perform in one; I might just take a calligraphy class or a scriptwriting class or perhaps I might just go and ride my motorcycle around the city to sightsee, whether with friends or just me, I would be happy.

I would do my shopping at the beginning of every week and my laundry at the end and I would do my dishes as soon as they became dirty. I wouldn’t have an over excessive amount of forks or knives-bowls or plates. As far as I know, it would be just me; a table set for one, not three. Perhaps 4 or 5 of each will do-knives and forks-plates and bowls. However, I would have a collection of coffee mugs but I’d merely use them for tea. My favorite would be salted caramel-the only tea I will have ever tried and liked.

I would finish two books and seventeen professional compositions a year. I would have many jobs because I was never fond of the limitation of employment so I never allowed myself to be employed by just one. I would be a film score writer, an author, a musician, an actress, a conductor, an artist, and sooner or later a mother and wife.

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