If I could forget about you, I would. Not because I regret what we were but because our memories aren’t a blur and in my head they stir every second of everyday; because they remind me of how I couldn’t make you stay. I remember when I fell inlove with your stubbornness but in the end it didn’t serve you well. That’s one of the reasons why we fell, that’s why we split apart, because we were amateur lovers who didn’t know how to take care of each other’s heart. If you want to talk about regrets, lets talk about yours. Let’s talk about how loving me began to feel like chores-how you’d rather leave both me and the town when you departed and now you feel coldhearted because of the way things ended between us?
And thus I hear it’s haunting you-thinking about what we’ve been through. That’s why you wish to talk, is this false, or true? I’d hate to get your words misconstrued, being since I know what you do when that happens.
but I don’t want to talk. 
 Not on the phone nor face to face. You may have moved on but I’m moving at a slower pace. I just want to make do with the past and that’s why I dodged your question about talking when you asked. We don’t need to talk, there’s nothing more to say. You just weren’t happy, I couldn’t make your skies less gray.
And I can’t wish you the best because that you already had, but with that being said, I have nothing more to add. This isn’t an attempt at being rude but instead to allude to the fact that what we were is no longer what what we are and moving on should’ve been easy being that you were so far but it wasn’t. 

And it’s still not, but what you gave out is what you’ve now got. Make do with the past and learn from our ruins, we all make mistakes, after all, we’re only humans. 
my last farewell,

signed B.K Laurel.


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