to my best friend.

And before I knew it, I loved you.

I loved you because you had filled in all my empty spaces, helped me out of my awkward stages, and gave me a life I never would’ve lived otherwise. I loved you because you refused to tell me lies, helped me with the guys, and never said goodbye.

And for that, I loved you.

But I loved you mainly because you loved me, unconditionally, even when I loved on the contrary.

Even when my love was conditional, still, you loved me because you knew it was fixable.

And now here we are standing, watching as the principal’s handing out our diplomas, waving us goodbye and deep down inside I know we’ll have to do that soon too; but how blessed am I to acknowledge and say that we grew into the adult shoes we used to wear when we were younger. Our hunger for independency is finally being fed to us.

Now tell me friend, how does it taste?

Does it in some way make you feel out of place?

As if you’re experiencing it at an unsteady pace?

Because if so, I am too and I guess that’s just bad timing because as I write this while rhyming, you’re packing your bags to leave and it’s hard to believe just that alone.

That by August, I’ll be on my own.


And just like that I loved you. 

I loved you because you’re what got me through and I say that as a generalized statement because when I say that, I mean everything. Especially when I was hanging on to a thread that was the thinnest string I had ever seen as well as hung onto. What kept me hanging on though you ask?

It was you.


How hard it is to say adieu but how excited I am that you’ll be starting anew doing the things you ACTUALLY want to do and I just the same.

Adriel, you are the match to my flame, you are what makes me so bright.

And no matter how far you are, you will always be the switch that flickers on my light.


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