leave me before i get too close.

The beast is real.

And it manipulates the way we feel.

Instead of looking for the good in people,

we look for the bad and find ourselves

loving them anyway.

Because we’re under the impression

that if you don’t have a story,

you’re not a victim to pain.

As if those who get wet when it rains

are stronger than those who use an umbrella.

In a world of hurt,

we can’t all be Cinderella and we know that.

So we think to ourselves,

Take the good with the bad.

And that is our first mistake.

Because then no matter how many times

they make us sad or mad,

we throw it over our shoulder

the one time they make us happy.

And the cycle goes on and on.

It’s becoming a real phenomenon.

And I am guilty of this.

But not a victim to it.



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