sometimes battles don’t make us stronger.

You were all I ever needed,
You were all I thought was good,
Until good became a question,
But letting you go, I never could.

So I tried to make it better,
But better wasn’t enough,
Your depression overwhelmed me,
And soon it hurt to bluff.

I can’t handle it I told you,
I could no longer pretend.
I couldn’t help you in the long run,
And I couldn’t save you in the end.

But I tried my best to make it better,
With hopes one day you’d leave me,
Because I cared enough to soothe your pain,
but our love wasn’t the kind I’d seen on TV.

It was different; it seemed harder.
You built a wall and put on armor.
You made me the witness of all your pain,
To keep you sane, to kiss in the rain.

But I couldn’t be your tissue box.
For I’m not disposable like tissues.
And hopefully one day you’ll realize this:
That my love wasn’t meant to solve your issues.

It was meant to be a vow,
But that vow seems meaningless now.
Sometimes battles don’t make us stronger.
But rather makes us love less or no longer.


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