what is love if it’s not genuine?

His favorite artist became his second when he met me, and I hope for my own benefit that he still thinks of me that way even though we are long past meeting.

And long past loving.

Separation and time really makes you wonder what parts of the relationship was truly genuine and which parts were merely an act to keep the ball rolling.

But if everything was just an act, I may never love again.

It’s like cheating on non-cheat days. If you can’t be real to yourself, why would you want to keep the ball rollingYou’ll never see the change you so desperately desire.

And love should never be an excuse to become a liar.

If you want him, but are not right for him, love him enough to leave him.
If you want her, but are not right for her, love her enough to leave her.

I never understood that phrase until now.

As an artist, I surmise my duty is to write about it now through a lyrical ballad.

But I wonder if he’ll still listen–even though we have gone our separate ways.

–even though I caused our separation and still don’t yearn for reconnection.

It is not about us as a whole anymore; it’s about the parts of each other we still hold dear.

And I hope he genuinely loved my music enough to love it without me near.


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