Day 2 of 365

Today I had the pleasure of having breakfast with one of my best and closest friends, Passion. For the past couple of years, our local Denny’s has become quite the hotspot for breakfast gatherings. It became so popular that we actually call ourselves The Breakfast Club. Fun fact, the first time I actually saw the movie, it was with my sister and there was absolutely no sound, yet we watched the whole thing. Unfortunately, I haven’t watched it since but the name has stuck with me.

We talked for hours and one topic that particularly fascinated me was how well our little Breakfast Club really knew each other. You see, within our group of friends, there always lies a secret fondness for each other (meaning there is one that always likes another) but the subject itself  is rather taboo, even though everyone somehow knows about. However, I’ve been beginning to notice that to a certain extent, we are actually strangers to each other. For instance, I do not know all their favorite colors or favorite foods, or even their idea of a perfect first date. But in order to say, that after several years of friendship, that I like them, shouldn’t I at least know some of those things? I mean, if I don’t, then what is it that I like about them? How do I know? Exactly, I don’t. Which made me realize that I didn’t (and this epiphany was more relieving than you would think).

Afterwards, I drove home and prepared for a meeting that was being held at my local college regarding an honors program. Mind you, I had previously spent hours and hours creating my own educational plan before I rang in the new year, making it what I thought to be absolutely perfect.

Well, I thought wrong.

I get there and it completely dawns on me that regular classes and honors classes are two different things. Not all subjects are labelled as honors classes and are guaranteed to always roll over to next year’s class selection (Political Science (H) might be provided for Spring of 2018, but not the following Fall semester). That means I can’t plan too far ahead, which might be a good thing. Futuristic plans should stay vague; only existing as an outline you can use as a reference if need be. The only problem is I’m only just now getting started and I’m already one semester in. The count down before I transfer out to  ideally a UC school is 1/6 semester(s) and by that time, I must complete at least six honors classes. Doesn’t seem like much but honors classes fill up quickly because there is limited spaces (to put into more detail, only 14-24 students per honors class and this year there are only 14 optional classes!) And of course there is always the question of, “Do I really need this class though?” Why take a class that is out of my way? Well, priority admission is #1 for starters. I surmise I am just going to have to take it one step at a time. After all, that’s all I can do.

So that happened.

And the rest of today was history. I grabbed some dinner with a couple old friends of mine and drove aimlessly with another. It was simply blissful and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now it’s time to sleep the rest of the night away.

Until next time,

Be seeing you. xx



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