The stem that blooms.

Outside my window lies a tree with ample stems
And each stem reminds me of an abandoned beginning
As if they sprouted without a purpose
And wallowed away while another one grew

And only a few bloom

Which makes me think about my own family tree
About which stem blooms next
Hoping it’s the stem that’s linked to me

Or will I be one of the ones without purpose?
A burden in disguise
Will I wallow away like the others?
Leaving nothing behind in my demise

I want to be the soil that feeds the tree
The bark that keeps it protected
I want to be something someone needs
Not some stem that gets neglected

I want to bloom.
I need to bloom.
Please let me bloom.

And I will repeat this over and over until one day,

I do.

Until one day I am,

The stem that blooms.


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