Day 81 of 365

Life update: I am undeniably happy.

Yup, that’s right, I’m changing my major AGAIN. I don’t know why I couldn’t just accept my passion in the first place rather than run away from it.

I love music.

I love art.

I love acting.

Oh but if I major in math, people will think I’m smart and that’s what really ever mattered to me. To be looked at as smart.

Well, a music major is smart.

An art major is smart.

An acting major is smart.

In these past couple months, I’ve realized that my happiness actually dictates my success, so if I’m not happy, how am I to ever be successful? So I need to be doing what makes me happy.

Composing music, painting, writing, singing, dancing, acting, acting, acting.

I’m not afraid anymore because I know now that if I want it bad enough, then my passion will always be a blueprint for a breakthrough. I just need to break through the barriers that led me to believe that an artistic degree is useless because in reality, it’s quite the contrary; it’s essential. My mom even made me confirm it with this scenario:

So my mom is a talent manager and she told me that if she were in a room with two wannabe actors and could only sign one, who would it be, the one with the B.A in theater arts or the other with a B.A in engineering, she asked me,”who do you think would be more serious about acting?”

Suffice to say, I got the point. And I want to act. I want it so badly, so why should I care whether or not my degree makes me look smart to others? It’s my life. Yes, the cliche epiphany has finally made its way to me and I am undeniably happy because I know now what I have to do.

Listen to my heart. Double-major in Theater arts and Nutrition (the latter because that’s also something I’m genuinely interested in and want to pursue).

So to my readers, do not take this lightly. Accept who you are, not who you are not. Know who you want to be, not how you want to be seen, because there’s a word for that…insecurity. It’s uncomfortable and unbearable and overall a complete mess so why would you go through that when you can do anything you believe is possible?

You just have to believe that it’s possible.

Thanks for reading and until next time,

Be seeing you. xX


One thought on “Day 81 of 365

  1. I’m happy that you have finally opened up and allowed your success to grow! If you are already WINNING….why would you want to reach out and be tripped into heartache? I’m proud of you! ❤


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