to the boy who loves me next.

To the boy who loves me next,

I’m quiet, but when I’m not quiet, I’m loud.
I play the piano four hours a day, so please don’t get annoyed, it’s the only thing I’ve ever really felt good at.
I wake up early most days because the morning air is the most peaceful to me and it only comes around once a day, so please get up and join me sometime.
I can’t sleep without a nightlight, but I promise you the one I have is really cool.
I wear turtlenecks everyday, so if you really love me, lie and say they’re sexy.
Or tell the truth and say they’re sexy.
Actually, if you don’t think they’re sexy, that’s a deal-breaker for me.
I think turtlenecks are sexy.
My dad said you need to be a professional foot rubber if someday you want to put a ring on it. I personally approve of this condition, so don’t worry, I’ll give you ample opportunities to practice.
I am in love with my faith, so please don’t try and get me to change it. That’s like asking me to give up my minion collection.
Also, I have a minion collection.
I am a writer.
I tend to write about the past where I was most unhappy. I promise I am happy, but happy people need therapy too. It’s my way of recovering.
I have irrational fears and insecurities, but do me a favor and not leave me for them. That’s an irrational fear in itself.
I am loyal, and I will love you always, even through the darkest of days.
But I am also an actress, and I take my career very seriously. If my role involves a kiss, I will pursue it without hesitation. As an actress, there lies an emphasis on “act” which is short for “acting” and by definition, it draws a fine line between make-believe and reality. So in other words, the kiss will be make-believe and my one and only rule is that you accept that.

So, to the boy who loves me next,

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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