Day 97 of 365

“And the batter hits March RIGHT OUT of the ball park!”

Greetings everyone! Looks like we’re getting close to hitting our first 100 day mark of the year.

How are those resolutions looking?

Here’s my revised recap:

  • Stay B+ average (So far so good)
  • Start a youtube (Done! Feel free to check out my first video, “Brooklyn’s Spotlight”)
  • Three acting classes (1of 3 done)
  • Keep a food journal for at least three months to assess food habits (2 of 3 done)
  • Transition to a vegan lifestyle (two months vegan strong!)
  • Get in better shape (SW: 143.3 lbs. CW: 139.2 lbs. GW: 117 lbs)

I’m still working on them as you can see but it’s not over until the ball drops!…AGAIN.

Before I close, I’d just like to give you two important life updates!

The production company I was pursuing with my sisters fell through. Not because we didn’t try hard enough, but rather, we came to the conclusion that now just wasn’t the time to be putting all our efforts into something we’re not properly educated on. However, we will come back to it once we find better stability within ourselves. This includes the position we hold in our careers as well as the relationship we build with the essential contacts we’ll need in order to be successful in our approach.

Speaking of the stability of our careers, I have some pretty exciting news to share with you! For the past couple months, my twin sister, Chelsea, and I have been at the edge of our seats aboard a roller coaster that only goes up it seems. So, without further ado, it is my uppermost pleasure to announce that we have booked a recurring twin role on a new Netflix series called,”Prince of Peoria” It is currently in production now and filming for us starts later this month and continues through May, so I will definitely be providing you all with updates as everything plays out!

That’s it for me, see you next time on the blog!

Be seeing you. xX


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