Love is just a word.

Love is just a word that lingers in silence.
It doesn’t need to be said,
It doesn’t need to be heard,
I can see it in your smile.

So look at me.
Let the warmth of my breath coat your skin
Let me hypnotize your thoughts into believing
Sound is not necessary.

In fact, I want the room to be so still
Our heartbeats fill all the empty spaces
Words used to occupy.
Let the rhythm of our hearts orchestrate
A lullaby
That we will memorize
It will be our love song.

Because I want to live everyday in a world
Where my heartbeat counts
That this instrument inside me amounts
To more than just the word we use
To describe it

It is not just a heart
It is my heart.

But my heart is like a teenager
No one chooses to understand
They think promise rings and diamond rings
With gold and silver bands
are signs of love.

But that is not love,
That is persuasion.

That is, “I will love you…until…”

So please,
let our heartbeats fill the empty spaces
Gifts used to satisfy
Just let it be you and I
Against the world
with our lullaby playing in the background
as we walk away slow motion
from the explosion we ignited
which was society.

Because I want to indulge in you entirely,
Without them invading our privacy.

Telling us we don’t know anything about love

But what is love if not a word we feel the need to justify?

One word.



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