Day 157 of 365

Welcome to the this year’s mid-point.


How are we doing so far?

Good, I hope. Even better if we haven’t thrown our resolutions away just yet! Stay strong, 2018 won’t be here much longer.

Oh, perk up! School’s out, summer’s here, time to stop and feel the heat of the sun on your skin. And speaking of skin, I’m feeling absolutely great in mine!

Today marks four months being vegan and I honestly can’t believe I stuck with it. Then again, maybe my will-power got stronger, or rather, my why-power. I found reason, and with that reason, came an unceasing amount of strength. For the first time in a long time, I feel beautiful. I’ve developed a great deal of self-love and it’s working wonders on my attitude towards life.

So word of the wise, love yourself.

Something I’ve realized this past month while trying to progress further in my weight-loss journey is that it can be REALLY frustrating not seeing progress right away, but even then, frustration is still part of the before picture. Everyday that you do something to contribute to your goals is NOT a day wasted. Like with me, I try to remember that every time I go to the gym or cook a healthy meal, it’s a non scale victory (NSV) in itself. After all, I want to be active, I want to eat well, and eventually, the weight I want to lose will be lost. But going about everyday hoping to see a 10 pound drop in the mirror is just discouraging and unrealistic, so I’ve chosen to no longer think that way.

I just want to love who I am in the process, and yes it’s frustrating, but I believe that the before picture is always something you’re most proud of afterwards.

So may your days never be wasted!

Thanks for reading and see you next time on the blog 🙂

Be seeing you. xX


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