Sobered thoughts.

It’s nights like these where I wonder most what alcohol tastes like.

That if I ran now, could I make it?

Nights where I don’t care to wonder if tomorrow will come.
Only wonder if I’d be better off if it didn’t.

And I think to myself, it’s not fair to him.
After all he’s done, to want to run away.
How selfish could I be?
That if I ran tonight, to want to take him with me.

But I know he’s tired of running.

And I’m tired too.

Hung over by sobered thoughts that make the consequences of getting drunk seem like less of a burden to bear.

But then I think to myself and it’s just not fair.
Wanting to be lost in this search to be found.

I just want to be broken and rebuilt on steadier ground.

And I’ve already got the broken part down.

So I wonder if I ran now,
could I make it?


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