i love you—a messy poem

Relationships don’t have rest days
Say I love you
Ask them how they’re doing
Take them to dinner
Rub their feet
Scratch their head
Whisper dirty secrets
Indulge in guilty pleasures
Like Fortnite on a school night
Or Netflix on a Tuesday
Call her beautiful
Call him handsome
Call her
Call him
Say good morning
Say goodnight
And always say I love you

I love you.

If you’re mad, pig out
If you’re sad, pig out
If you’re happy, pig out
Food is the remedy to all things
McDonald’s apple pies
Chilli fries
Unless she’s vegan of course
Then attempt to turn a sweet potato into a brownie
Or whatever
Break ups
Make ups
Make outs
Whatever it is, just eat
And eat a lot

I love you.

She said you didn’t have to
And that’s why you did it
He said he didn’t need it
And that’s why you gave it

It’s the gift of giving
It’s the I love you sealed with a kiss

Kiss them
More often than sometimes
Every morning
Every night
Before the I love you
And then again after

Cause someone’s gonna die first
The question is
Will you live to regret it?
Or will they live to remember?

Love without rest

I love you.


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