a happy poem

and i think
im not much of a writer when im happy
because although i could write about
how your complexion glistens in the moonlight
or how your eyes say i love you without words
or when your lips coat mine, i get a sugar rush of sweetness

i think
theres a certain beauty to the silence of it all
where looking at you is all i need to be at peace
where your smile feeds my poetry addiction
and your laugh is my favorite free verse
but when your touch tazes my soul and all i feel is you

i dont speak, i let it happen

but im a horrible writer when im happy

im cheesy and clingy and overuse the word always and wonder about forever and speak all things cliche and overdose on run-on sentences and SPONTANEOUSLY CAPITALIZE TEXT SPEECH and wonder if you miss me and wonder if you love me and wonder if im your always and always not always but all ways

because i love you, all ways

im not great at telling love stories with sunsets and happy endings

because the truth is, i dont know what one looks like

but if you let me be your canvas
i’d happily let you show me

paint my skin and kiss me until your mouth runs dry

just you and i

wondering if forever truly does

i wonder, do you?