A New Era


When you keep track of it, you slow it down, but if you don’t, you let it off its leash and it moves on without you knowing.

Why would you let it move on without you knowing where it’s going?

That’s why you keep track, why you keep a stack of documents that say what you did or what you wanted to do, that way you can review at the end of the year as to how much as a whole you grew.

How much you grew as a whole.

Whether or not you reached your resolutions or accomplished all your goals.

January 1st of 2016 feels like it was just yesterday and maybe that’s because I remember exactly what I did and have the inability to rid it from my mind. I earned a hundred dollars that day by working an 8 hour shift and what a perfect gift that was to start the new year with and whoever said that love was a myth is wrong because 3 months later l told a boy I loved him through an original song.

and 3 months later I found he no longer loved me. He gave me back the key he had to my heart, but that didn’t rip me apart, no it made me stronger and today I am in love with him no longer.

If you were to ask me, no my time wasn’t wasted, I’m actually rather sated with how love then tasted but now it’s time to grow, it’s time to focus on all the things I don’t already know.

In August, I became a senior in high school where I joined basketball and by now, I’ve gone through it all. With grades locking, scouters talking, and with college application processing, I have yet to know where I’m going, but I hope it’s somewhere that fits, otherwise I’ll have to call it quits because why be someone who sits in a place that doesn’t suit you? Instead, why not pursue all the things I want to?

I think this year I’m in for another break through which will make it two years in a row.

2017 is a year to glow and keep track of the time because the most common question among adults are those at fault who let time off its leash, they ask themselves,

they ask “Where did the time go?”

and my only question is “Will they ever know?” but then again, there’s no sense in being upset over something that’s out of your control. There’s no time to have regrets. There’s no time to be sad, keep track of the time now and in the future you’ll be glad that you did.

It’s the end of an era and the start of a new one, goodbye 2016, you were such a good run.


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