the perfect mistake.

There are two hopeless romantics sitting in a restaurant. Neither choose a booth but instead a table, wide open to see all the couples and families sitting together around them. Though alone, they don’t feel alone. They can hear conversations coming from everywhere and though silent, the room was racing with volume. The two hopeless romantics are seated across from each other but take no notice to one another. they pick up their menus in unison and order the same as the other. They have a lot more in common than they realize and thats the thing- they don’t realize.

The waiter takes their menus and when he comes back, he brings them both salad instead of the clam chowder they both wanted. As the waiter walks away they both say in unison, “Uh excuse me, sir?” and just like that, their paths cross, their eyes lock, and their waiter has to choose between the two, “She can go first.” the man says. “I just-I ordered the clam chowder.” she says smiling and the man laughs and says, “So did I.”

They smile at each other, unable to look away and as the waiter turns around and walks back to the kitchen to exchange their orders, he smiles too, but at the trainee who gave him the wrong starter in the first place.

He says, “My boy, for the first time in all my years, you have made the perfect mistake.”

The waiter comes back with the two orders of clam chowder and finds that the two are seated together.

“Ah, tables for one turned into a table for two I see. Fancy a glass of wine? On the house for the lovely couple seated here tonight, pick any bottle you wish. Any bottle at all.”

They both stare at each other and one says, “Surprise us!”

“As you wish, sir. Madame. I shall only take a second.” He sets down the clam chowders and waltzes back to the kitchen to pick out their most divine bottle of wine.

“Here you are, our most superb and delicate bottle, all for you. Enjoy.”

“Thank you.” the two hopeless romantics say in unison, meanwhile blushing at each other.

The waiter walks back to the trainee.

“Do you think those two will be okay?” the trainee asks.

The waiter says, “Well son, if tomorrow they find that it’s not all sunshine and roses, then at least they had tonight and it’s because of you that they do.

For you have made the perfect mistake.”


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