Trailing back to you.

They told me distance makes the heart grow fonder but how could a love so strong grow stronger under the circumstances of being away?

I’ve wept for a love that in distance lost its way.

I refused to believe what they told me was true but I was naive to think I’d lose love in you when really it’s just like they said — it grew.

And here I stand, trailing back to you.

Like skyscrapers sprouting from the ground abruptly, these past 6 months without you went roughly, I thought once at first that distance was the killer, but now I’ve realized that our thoughts were the trigger.

We were playing Russian roulette not knowing the loss entity of love was a threat so when the bullet met the outlet, our armor fell and we split apart, but I wouldn’t be interrupted by a broken heart.

So I continued to love and to my surprise so did you and who knew waiting would make reality come through?

Our thoughts betrayed each other — making you go one way while I the other.

But distance brought us back to what we once were which was lovers.


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