“What’s Love Like?”

A mountain represents the fountain of immortality.
Sure they age, but they’re always there.
And finding a love like that, is rare.

But is it possible to say that love is like a mountain?
Since it has its up and downs?
Because love’s like walking through meadows,
Without seeing the random pitfalls on the ground.

But mountains alone are strong,
Because they can withstand just about anything.
And it’s just that way with love
You see, we seal it with a kiss
And strengthen it with a wedding ring.

So my darling, could it be true?
That in the same way mountains did,
Our love grew?

Because our love had to have come from somewhere,
Mountains sprouted up from the ground,
And our friendship started with a stare.

But when I stared at you,
In lieu of thinking you’d be a nice friend,
I thought you’d be a nice lover.
I read you like a books front cover.

So when you ask me “What is love like?”
I’ll say it’s like a mountain.
Because I want to believe our love too, is the fountain,

of immortality.


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