meet me in aisle 7.

On our first date, we washed our cars. I’m talkin’ bell bottom jeans in the middle of summer, compensated with a sun hat; he cleaned my sun roof while I scrubbed his hatchback. When I wasn’t looking, he stuck a note inside my glove box.

On our second date, we went to the store. Split up two ways and scouted for the weirdest items we could find; I brought back a game of Bean Boozled and he brought back a headband with mullet hair attached to it. Yeah, he won.

On our third date, we played Bean Boozled while I wore the headband but this time, he lost; ate a booger-flavored jellybean while I fell in love watching him do it.

Then, on our fourth date, we went for a drive. Filled our tank and drove down the musical road twenty times just for laugh’s sake. We laughed. One look at him and the music fell silent.

“Want to do that again?”

Yes. I do.

But for our fifth date, he didn’t call. He knocked. Didn’t tell me the plans, just asked if we could take my car. Played a game of 21 questions which easily turned into a long 85 but before we knew it, we were in San Diego. My favorite.

Took a rest-stop at Seaport Village and ate pretzels while we hunted down the store that sold my necklace. Looked me in the eyes and said, “I know it’s not broken, but I want you to wear mine instead.”


“Yes. I do.

He wrapped the gold chain that read my name around my neck, while I fell in love watching him do it.

I don’t believe in love at first sight, but you might be the one to change my mind.

The next day I found the note inside my glove box.


Yes, you.

A thousand times over. Simple yet sweet, tell me when will we meet again? Because these last five dates have been perfect and even on the days when they’re not, good or bad, they’ll still be worth it.

I don’t need you in suits and ties; don’t need a reservation set for a Friday night; I don’t care for luxuries or fancy cutleries, just tell me you’re in love with me.

Because I love you.

Yes, you. I do.

So meet me in aisle 7 so I can tell you what you’ve done because aisle 7 was the place where two hearts unified as one.

Promise me, you’ll be there.


I’ll be the girl wearing the headband mullet hair.



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