i asked Him.

I asked God to give me a sign.
And He told me to look not at your past but instead at mine.
At how the kind of person I was then is not who I am now,
That over time the person inside me changed in ways I began to allow.

And He said it would be the same way with You,
That after all we’ve been through, you know what not to do.
But I told Him Your “little effort” was getting in the way,
That if this was going to work, You’d have to meet me halfway.

He told me I could have my doubts,
But how I also needed trust,
That if I kept believing all you wanted was the feel of Lust,
I’d have to re-adjust the situation currently at hand,
For I would be devoured by sadness with the speed of quicksand.

But He asked me why I had doubts in the first place,
And I told Him it was because the boy I loved needed more space,
Than the space long distance was already giving,
I told Him about a certain past I felt I was reliving.

And it’s the certain past in which I lost You.
Not because of infidelity,
And not because of jealousy,
But because we were amateur lovers loving carelessly,
And didn’t know how we felt about loving separately so we split.
But my biggest regret was thinking that what was best was just to quit.

Because I just don’t know how to quit you.
But how much more can my love do?
It seems like our lives are on two separate paths,
And no matter how many drafts we write, we can’t get a happy ending.
But I don’t want an ending when it comes to You.

So I asked God to tell me what He knew
About what the future holds for You and I,
And He told me that love is like birds first learning how to fly.
How it’s a process, but in the end, it’s meant to be,
So He said to ​give the boy some space and in the end, ​​he’ll always come back to me.

And if by chance he doesn’t,
God told me not to worry,
For birds will never fail to fly,
So why love in a hurry?


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